The Zipfian Academy Data Science program is now the Galvanize Data Science Immersive


Learn data science by tackling real industry problems.


In our 12 week bootcamp, you'll learn data science tools, techniques, and fundamental concepts from world-class instructors, data scientists, and industry leaders in beautiful San Francisco. We are now offering this program as part of Galvanize

Learn data science by pair programming with talented students. 


Immersive Education

Learn faster through hands-on, project-based courses. Our structured curriculum maximizes the time you spend building solutions, extracting insights from data, and practicing skills that matter. 


Learn data science in a collaborative environment. 


Collaborative Environment

Diversity is an asset here: scientists, engineers, and data analysts learn together. With expert instructors, TAs, and classmates, there’s always someone to get you unstuck.


Learn data science and connect with a world class network of partners.


World-Class Network

We’re the center of an engaged network of Data Scientists, who work with us as hiring partners, mentors, and guest speakers. We match graduates with top technology companies at our Hiring Day.


Data Courses at Galvanize


Data Science // 12-Week Immersive

Full-time immersive data science training with structured curriculum taught by expert instructors. Build a portfolio of data science projects and interview with tech companies through our placement program.

Level: Intermediate. Programming experience required.

master of science in data science // 1 year // university of new haven

Galvanize and the University of New Haven have partnered to offer a 1-year MS in Data Science degree. All instruction happens on the Galvanize campus in San Francisco by appointed faculty of the University of New Haven. 

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