Connect with the students and graduates of Galvanize.

We're driven by building community and love to hear from data scientists working in industry.


Become a Hiring Partner

Hiring Partner

We partner with diverse companies from small startups to corporates to recruit data scientists and engineers.

Each 12-week cohort culminates in a Hiring Day, where you'll meet each of our graduates in person and see the projects built in the course in the form of short presentations.

There's no up-front commitment to come to the Hiring Day - it’s free to attend. If you are interested in attending a Hiring Day, or learning more about our graduates, please reach out to Katie Kent, Director of Placement. 

Each student also completes a personal Capstone Project at the end of the course. Our students would love to help you solve a data science problem for their final project. 

If you are interested in working with a student on a short-term (2-3 week) project, reach out to Katie Kent. 


Guest Lecture at Galvanize

If you want to connect with and help aspiring data scientists, we'd love to have you in for a talk!

We respect and value your time, so we keep the commitment light. 

Interested? Katie Kent is the one to reach out to.