Our graduates join some of the most demanding data science teams in the Bay Area and beyond.

Employers include Facebook, Twitter, Square, Coursera, Tesla Motors, and many more.

Meet Our Graduates

Alex Mentch, Winter 2014

Alex Mentch, Winter 2014

Melanie Warrick, Winter 2014

Melanie Warrick, Winter 2014

Carlo Torniai, Fall 2013

Carlo Torniai, Fall 2013

Before: Electrical Engineering PhD candidate

After: Data Scientist, Facebook

Before: Software Engineer & Business Consultant

After: Data Scientist, Change.org

Before: Ontologist, Oregon Health and Science University

After: Data Scientist, Tesla

Our Programs

In Galvanize immersive programs,  you'll learn full stack web development and build solutions to real industry problems using data science, data engineering. In the fully-accredited GalvanizeU Masters program with University of New Haven, you'll spend 12 months focusing on essential background knowledge, coding skills, and direct industry experience. 



Data Science 12-Week Immersive

Applications Open Now. Applications are processed on a rolling basis. Applications are now being considered for the upcoming 2015 cohorts.

This intensive program teaches both the hard and soft skills needed for a data science career in industry. Students complete 8 weeks of intense structured curriculum, solving problems with real data from industry and picking up the practical skills desired by hiring partners. The course also includes capstone projects, interview coaching & practice, and introductions to partner companies.














Week 1: Software Engineering & EDA
Week 2: Statistical Inference and Probability
Week 3: Regression and Regularization
Week 4: Supervised Learning Methods 
Week 5: Unsupervised Learning and NLP
Week 6: Recommenders, Networks, and Time Series 
Week 7: Data Engineering & Data Visualization 
Week 8: Anomaly Detection, Fraud Prediction, & Case Studies
Week 9: Capstone Project
Week 10: Capstone Project
Week 11: Interview Prep & Hiring Day 
Week 12: Interview Prep & Onsite Interviews


Build a capstone project like these built by alumni:

Intrusion Detector – A hybrid solution of statistical anomaly detection and machine learning to identify fraudulent users on a network

Gravitty – Enabling better customer engagement through the detection and analysis of behavior-driven Twitter communities

Interview with 20+ companies in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond at our Hiring Day.

Leverage a network of mentors, alumni, and partner companies.

Practice interviews, professional resume feedback, presentation coaching.

Tuition is $16,000. 

We offer scholarships and have partnered with lending companies to make a Zipfian Academy education possible for everyone.  More information is in our FAQ.

91% of graduates placed into data science roles after 6 months at companies including Facebook, Twitter, Tesla, and many more.

Our graduates make an average of $115K as a base salary following the program.

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Data Engineering 12-Week Immersive

San Francisco, CA // Full-time

Have a background in software engineering and want to take the next step? This course prepares individuals with technical backgrounds to build, manage, and architect systems to deal with Big Data. We cover the latest technologies used at top technology companies in Silicon Valley. Students cover 8 weeks of intense structured curriculum, building a series of projects with industry mentors. The program includes building a capstone project, focus on effective communication, interview coaching and practice, and interviews with 20+ companies hiring Data Engineers.











Week 1: Introduction to Distributed Systems
Week 2: Elements of Scalable Data Pipelines
Week 3: Message Queues, Distributed ETL
Week 4: Data Processing w/ Hive & Pig
Week 5: Data Flows w/ Cascading & Scalding
Week 6: Distributed Databases
Week 7: Distributed Machine Learning
Week 8: Stream Processing, Advanced Topics
Week 9: Capstone Project
Week 10: Capstone Project
Week 11: Interview Prep & Hiring Day 
Week 12: Onsite Interviews

Screenshot 2014-05-13 12.29.26.png

Build a capstone project with a real-world data set. Work with us to best communicate your results.

Interview with 20+ companies and leverage mentor network 

Tuition is $16,000. 

Payment plans and scholarships are available. More information is in our FAQ.

 Program details available in our FAQ.


Daily Schedule

Code Review - Collaboratively review code from the previous day's sprint, and learn best practices and how to avoid common mistakes by example.

Lecture-Icon copy.png

Lecture - Our expert instructors keep things short by focusing on tying concepts together, providing context, and checking understanding.


Pair Programming - Our pair programming stations help facilitate true collaboration, which increases understanding while reducing errors.

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Breakout Sessions - For those ready for more advanced topics or just a refresher, breakout sessions allow personalized instruction and feedback.


Events - Join us for events at our office and elsewhere, where we invite prominent data scientists to speak about their experience in industry. 


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