Uber Explore

Uber Explore: the new service to highlight nearby places from the main app

Integrated with the Uber app, this new service will allow users to browse and book experiences. Dining, museums, nightlife, music…

Over the years, Uber continues to diversify. After initially launching a transportation service, then a meal delivery service with Uber Eats, the American giant is currently testing Uber Explore. This new service highlights different entertainment venues and restaurants that are close to users. Initially, only a few American cities will be involved.

A new experiential dimension with Uber Explore

This new service will be directly integrated into the Uber app. In its press release, the brand states that this “new product, included in the main app, will allow our users to browse and book experiences, including dinner reservations, live events and other fun activities.”

With Uber Explore, the U.S. company is moving closer to the experiences offered by Airbnb, which aims to offer activities curated by passionate local experts. They offer travelers a “total immersion in the unique world of the host.”

This new Explore tab will allow users to discover recommended places based on several categories, such as dining, art and culture, nightlife, music and entertainment, etc. Uber says they will be able to view reviews, photos and easily get directions to the location of their choice.

Of course, customers will be able to enjoy one-click rides with a new feature called “Go Now.” One click is all it takes to get to the destination of your choice.

Advanced personalization with Uber Eats

With Uber Explore, the company is also looking to offer a fully personalized experience. Uber promises suggested experiences based on your past use of the Uber and Uber Eats apps and says, “We’ll use your favorite places to eat to automatically suggest the best places to explore in your city.”

In short, the more users use this new feature and Uber Eats, the more the algorithm will refine the recommendations. Note that Uber Explore directly integrates Yelp to guide customers in their choices.

For the launch of Uber Explore, the brand is planning a 15% discount on rides to encourage users to use its transportation service. The service is already operational in 14 U.S. cities: Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, Memphis, Minneapolis, New Orleans, New Jersey, New York, Orlando, San Antonio, San Francisco and Seattle. Uber Explore is also available in Mexico City. Uber promises that other major cities around the world will soon join the new service.

Discover Uber Explore through this video: